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mtu hr summit 2019.

june 2019

we were honored to welcome a delegation from hcw in our lab on November 4rd. together we will explore, experiment, and experience in an innovation intervention how they can reinvent the healthcare system of tomorrow

(postponed because of COVID )

from surviving to thriving conference.

flyer FST.png

we were at the "from surviving to thriving" conference hosted by the "innovationsparks zentralschweiz" to share our expertise on the role of innovation culture and mindsets in the thriving of organisation.

also, want to thrive? 


dub business talk.

oct 2020

"leading as a woman" still is a matter of many questions, challenges, and innovation opportunities.

we were curious to hear these during the live DUB Business Talk with lisa jasper and naomi ryland.

Thank you DUB Magazine for the invitation and lively discussion.

curious too? the main takeaways are right here:


online master class.

july 2020

 Are you close to screaming, seeing all those online meetings in your calendar? 

 You're not alone. Many people are currently experiencing  the same symptoms of «acute online meeting horror»

 No question, we cannot simply be bystanders in such a dire situation:

we have poured our expertise in behavioral transformations, co-creation and employee engagement into a master class that offers practical tips against the virtual horror.

Find out more on our new online campus (german only):

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just before a screaming fit, with all those online dates in your calendar? 

you're not alone. many people currently have the same symptoms: acute online meeting horror. 
no question, we had to act! with an online LabZalon with practical tips against the virtual nerve massacre.

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online lab [zaˈlɔŋ].

may 2020

innovation shift podcast.

april 2019
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COVID-19 has propelled all of us into unforeseen disruptions that reach into almost all aspects of our lives.
many of these changes (will) pose challenges far beyond crisis plans and comfort zones. yet as seasoned transformation and innovation experts, we know from experience that such challenges are also remarkable innovation accelerators and reset buttons if met with enough entrepreneurial spirit, visionary thinking, and co-creative leadership. 
to offer a counterbalance to the flood of negative news, we have thus decided to seek and share the innovation that these unique times sparks around us.


It is thus that we proudly present our “innovation-shift” podcast in which change influencers around us share where and how COVID 19 creates cause for optimism and sparks innovation in their industries. 

innovation lab.

december 2019


on december 5th and 6th, we had the joy of holding the handelsblatt innovation lab. Via which we explored and experienced state of the art approaches to innovation as lived and practiced by innovation drivers like the eth or freitag 

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change congress.

november 2019


on november 12th and 13th, we were in berlin at the change congress conference to talk about the future of work and how companies can adapt to their rapidly changing environments.


business innovation week.

October 2019


exciting times at the business innovation week

in zurich. on october 3rd, in collaboration with sandsiv, we held a master class about the future of customer experience


new work evolution.

october 2019


at the new work evolution conference in karlsruhe on the 23rd and 24th of october we presented our thoughts on “new work: hype or hope?”



special edition LAB [zaˈlɔŋ].  

september 2019


our special edition LAB [zaˈlɔŋ]: "changemakers in the finance industry" is focused on bringing together shapers and changemakers from the financial industry for an explorative pattern break 

changemakers in the finance industry


image by fullvector / freepik

MTU HR Summit 2019

mtu hr summit 2019.

on the 4th and 5th of june, we travelled

to munich to speak about "hr trends of the future"

at this year's mtu hr summit 

(closed session) 

june 2019
may 2019

we proudly present the handelsblatt publication "innovation is the new work" (a "changement" special issue) with many inspiring articles from innovation leaders and shapers

*guest editor: our every own imke keicher

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