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imke keicher.

management consultant, futurologist, moderator, speaker, author

​"transformations require the power and knowledge of many. superman and superwoman are idols of the past. i deeply believe co-creativity is the only route to innovation, excellence and sustainable solutions in the digital age."

​imke keicher

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professional journey at a glance.


founder + managing director of transformation plus gmbh


vp transformation strategy @ capgemini consulting

executive leadership and change


change, innovation, futurelab @ ikmc

management consultant + futurologist + author + speaker 

1999 - 2002

director leadership, learning + performance @ motorola

1995 - 2000

managing consultant @ gemini consulting

emphasis on change + leadership + human resources

1992 - 1995

head of employee communications @ hertie waren- und kaufhaus ag


scholarship holder @ dalhousie university, halifax, canada

1985 - 1990

m.a. degree @ karl-ruprechts university, heidelberg


professional journey in depth.

imke keicher has over 20 years of experience as a transformation

and innovation consultant, moderator, futurist, and keynote speaker.

she has never shied away from a change of perspective. from 1995 to 2000 she worked at gemini consulting which is where she honed her skills as a consultant. subsequently, she moved to england to become the 'director of leadership, learning, and performance (emea) for motorola during a time of turbulence within the mobile industry.

in 2002 she founded her company ikmc and added a passion for the future to her growing arsenal of interests. in addition to her work as a 'change consultant', she was a 'future speaker' for matthias horx's 'zukunftinstitut'. between 2011 and 2014 she was the 'vice president for executive leadership, change and hr' at capgemini consulting.

being a passionate 'transformation expert' means it is of the utmost importance for imke keicher to be able to reinvent yourself over and over. in 2015 she founded 'transformation plus' and in order to better interlink futurology and transformation competence. for imke keicher the balance between working on-site with clients on large scale transformational projects is just as important as participating in polylogues (regarding the future) as presentations or publications.

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