michaela malenchini.

associate consultant, multi-cultural ace, cross-gen ambassador 

"michaela is the latest addition to our team and takes her role as "young blood" and gen y whizz as serious as anyone could. michaela shows a rare combination of talents: she is very smart and analytical, very creative, has a lovely humor and is a wonderful team player. she delivers great results and it's simply a pleasure to work with her. With vigour, curiosity, and benevolence she supports our projects on all ends. michaela has lived and studied all around the globe and thus brings a wonderful international insight to her work. She speaks english, german, french, spanish, schwiitzerdütsch and japanese and has a passion for japan."

imke about michaela

at a glance.


associate consultant @ transformation plus


 political pr intern @ embassy of afghanistan in tokyo, japan


co-founder + vice president @ model united nations society of kyoto sangyo univeristy 

2013 - 2014

english teacher @ makeway english school, kyoto, japan

2011 - 2015

b.a. politics + international relations (first-class honors)

@ university of kent

2013 - 2014

b.a. politics + international relations @ kyoto sangyo univesity


in depth.

michaela malenchini is a international relations and politics graduate with a first class honour degree (1st) from the University of Kent, that aspires to transform cross-cultural and -generational relations in business and politics.
she is intrigued by the constructivist nature of strategic communication and change processes.

michaela is differentiated by multilingualism, a flair for strategic communication, a creative mindset and experience in project management.

She is driven by an innate curiosity and eagerness to be challenged and learn.


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