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transformation tigers continuously enjoy engaging in conversations relating to innovation and transformation. here you can listen to some of those exchanges.

innovation shift e.p.7

mathias schöttke 

mathias schöttke shares how COVID 19 is creating innovation opportunities by changing the narratives in and around leadership development

#excecutive training

#leadership development


#employee engagement 

innovation shift podcast e.p.7: leadership developmentmathias schöttke
00:00 / 10:32
Stephan Rudloff. Standortleiter Hannover
innovation shift podcast e.p.6: executive strategystephan rudloff 
00:00 / 12:34

innovation shift e.p.6

stephan rudloff 

stephan rudloff shares how COVID 19 creates innovation shifts in executive and strategy management by making a case for the need for creativity, efficiency and positive mindset leadership at the workplace

#corporate strategy

#quarantine enagement

#mindset leadership

#work-life balance

innovation shift e.p.5

alexandra kühn 

alexandra kühn shares how COVID 19 creates innovation shifts in the way we work by breaking old habits by

making smart work a must instead of a luxury

#smart work

#the future of work

#collaboration habits

#home office 101

alexandra podcast cover.001.jpeg
innovation shift podcast e.p.5: work smart alexandra kühn 
00:00 / 26:44
Podcast cover  (1).001.jpeg
innovation shift podcast e.p.4: educationurs achermann
00:00 / 17:50

innovation shift e.p.4

urs achermann 

urs achermann shares how COVID 19  is leading to innovation shifts in the education system by disrupting what we know and creating opportunities to re-learn learning

#the age of learning

#education system


#pattern break 

innovation shift e.p.3

peter bunders 

peter bunders shares how COVID 19 creates innovation shifts in the healthcare system by setting a new focus on digitalisation

#healtcare system


#pandemic response

#health over profit

Peter cover .001.jpeg
innovation shift podcast e.p.3: healthcare peter bunders
00:00 / 20:54
innovation shift podcast e.p.2.: human resources elly siegert
00:00 / 16:10

innovation shift e.p.2

elly siegert 

elly siegert shares how COVID 19 generates innovation shifts in human resources by creating opportunities for the empowerment of employees as well as the consolidation of trust between organisations and their employees

#employee spirit 


#employee driven innovation

#the future of work

innovation shift e.p.1

ewa ming 

ewa ming shares how COVID 19 creates innovation shifts in the life communication and conference industry by setting a new focus on local networks and quality content 

#back to local networks

#life communication 

#confrences industry 

#future of content

Podcast cover.001.jpeg
innovation shift podcast e.p.1.: conference and bussines event industryewa ming
00:00 / 13:11

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